You don’t like being below than someone due to ego. It also dictates liking what you can and not liking what you cant because that is also in relation with the others. Not only you don’t like thinking of being below than someone but also being judge upon by a third person. And so ego can lead you quarrel hurting both parties. It has to start with one party hurting another party and then the another party being hurt, hurt backs . Ego likes and feel pleasure in being better in doing something, being better at something, or also simply possessing more and better than other. With ego, you don’t value purpose, you only get joy being and showing better than others.

When ever you feel the ego rise. Realize that the life and the world is not made only for you, it is for everybody. Also realize that people are natural to do something or be someone, if you would have been that natural state of being, you would have done the same thing that you are jealous of.

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