Secret to make study interesting

Every study or theory people invented was because of the curiosity,eagerness and amazement to know or to be able to do and hence their study, work was very natural, interesting and loving to them. It was like, they wanted to do it from their heart. So to make the study of the theory, any subject and processes interesting, pleasing and curious, we should study the application, how the subject has impacted us in our lives and to the society, the importance of the subject and asking how it was possible and how it has been evolved. First you should get amazed by the application of your subject of study and then ask yourself how and what were the subjects and innovation that lead to its invention. To be able to get amazed, you need access to internet to surf for the subject prior to its study and know its application and impact. You should gather history and knowledge of its evolvement and the its importance in latest trend and technology. Einstein can be the perfect example. He rarely did well in school, because he was not amazed and curious towards the studies in school, but then he became the greatest scientist of our time, when there was curiosity and amazement to know. Remember when there is interest and pleasure in doing something, then there is no self doubt and it gets replaced by passion to do it.