Biryani Flavoured Indian Brown Lentil Stew with Vegetable Pilaf


A dish inspired by Veg Biryani, keeping in mind the visual appeal and nutritional value of the dish. I added Saboot masoor to the biryani gravy to increase the protein value of the dish and instead of cooking the vegetables in gravy, i added it to the rice which not only helps increasing the visual appeal but also maintains the nutrition value of the veggies by not overcooking them. Paired with papad and served with Tomatoes and Cucumber to lighten up the dish. You can also use tomatoes instead of yogurt to make dal and then pair it with cucumber raita (Cucumber Yogurt) instead of Tomato-Cucumber Salad.

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Cold Curing Red Soup Recipe

Cold Curing Soup

What happens when you mix cold and cough soothing-antibacterial spices with vegetables that contain antioxidant properties and protein rich lentil? It results in a super soup for curing cold. I call it Cold Curing Red Soup. I have specially selected ingredients known to help cold and cough and its symptoms like sore throat, nasal congestion, fever, headache.etc. Combine them with the soothing hot soup and it is sure to help in common cold. Continue reading

Papdi ma Muthia Recipe- Spinach Fenugreek dumplings in flat green bean sauce.


Surat is famous for its superior flat green bean (Surat ni papdi). Hence many Famous Surti Dishes revolves around papdi, whether it be Undhiyu, Lilva or Val ni dal made from its dry form. Dishes made from papdi holds the status of being served on a special occasions. Papdi and sorghum flour is widely used in households of Surat. With so many greens, lentils and whole grain flour, it makes up a healthy dish. The dumplins are made from clenched fist called muthi in gujarati, hence getting the name muthia.

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