my experience of doing sudarshan kriya of Sri Sri Ravishankar/Art of Living Organisation

I had done sudarshan kriya many times and i had experienced the harmful effects of it since last 4 years. I have been doing it since last 4 years in gaps as after experiencing its harmful effect, leaving it and somehow again after some time doing it either by getting attracted to improve health from it or getting influenced by art of living people constantly influencing you, and again and again i have been experiencing the same dull effects, but not anymore. I have decided to fully dissociate myself from art of living. I think my experience needs to be shared with people to find some out there who is experiencing the same. I would list some of the effects that i have felt after some of the Sudarshan Kriya.

1. don’t feel like doing anything, dont want to work, earn, talk etc

2. unable to think, take decision, unable to concentrate, inattentiveness. cant put your mind on work. unable to focus and be determined. ( i was so focused on working on my website, but after doing long kriya i just don’t feel and care less about it or infact i care less about anything. I can feel the damage in the brain. i dont feel the awareness to feel, focus and do it; something in mind that makes us want to do things is just not felt and i know because it was there  before and how because of it i was able to work on a stretch and be motivated to work)

3. don’t feel to respond to others, being unresponsive. feeling dejected; dont care about the things happening around, make you emotionless.

4. dont feel good in mind. Feels like something is missing in the brain.

5. dont feel aware, Lack of awareness to feel and act. Due to lack of awareness, sometimes negative thoughts come.

6. irritation, restlessness, negative ego feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, shyness, narrow mindedness, selfish, unhappiness, pleasure attachments and negative thoughts arise be due to lack of energy and awareness which puts in bad mood.

7. a very dull feeling, makes the mind dull.

8. earlier i had felt heaviness in the eyes and in between the eyes.

9. physical symptoms include tingling in the feet and weakness(lack of energy), lethargy in the body and related body problems.

I researched a bit about how such an breathing could harm one and found out that breathing fast and deep could be causing hyperventilation which might lead to respiratory alkalosis and hypocapnia. hyperventilation could cause the carbon dioxide concentration of the blood to decrease and hence increasing the ph of the blood which causes the Vasoconstriction and decreases the blood flow to the brain depriving the brain of the oxygen and other molecules necessary for its function. From what i have been feeling, it is called confusion in terms of medical symptoms. confusion, dizziness and lightheadedness are all the symptoms of the hyperventilation/respiratory alkalosis which happens due to less blood flow to the brain.  I had also frequently felt tingling in the feet which is one of the symptoms of hyperventilation/respiratory alkalosis. other symptoms include dizziness, Giddiness, light headedness, headache, agitation, and tingling or numbing around the mouth and in the fingers and hands or feet. Muscle twitching, spasms, and weakness may be noted. Seizures, irregular heart beats, and tetany may occur; some more symptoms can be found here.

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symptoms of brain damage it is brain damage what i have been experiencing after sudarshan kriya.

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Any type of pranayama that creates hyperventilation condition is harmful, so try avoiding them if you feel its symptoms. Pranayama can be the most harmful of all act, if it creates hyperventilation.