Philosophy of infinite higher existence.

There has to existence to create the existence. If there is no existence, then there can be no existence ( existence doesn’t come into picture). if there is no existence, then it marks the end of existence. But definitely we and the universe exist and we have not created ourselves or our universe. So definitely there is existence of someone that created existence of ourselves and the universe. And there has to be existence that created that existence and in turn higher existence that created it existence infinite times all of having the power to create. So there is always an existence of someone higher than existence of himself who have the power to create and have created the existence lower than him infinite times Because non existence marks the end of existence and nothing can come out of nonexistence. So if we exist, there exist someone who created us and if there exist someone who created us, then there exist someone of higher power who created that someone and the existence of higher power to create sub existence continues to exist infinite times because inexistence of any higher power would claim to mark an end to existence of everything. So the god is not one who created us but an infinite upper existence of power who created lower existence. The power to create existence ends in the world (our universe) we live. Everything is made in such a way that lower existence cannot feel or sense the existence of the upper existence (the existence that made it). Our upper existence has the power to create universe and life. The existence upper than the existence of our upper existence has the power to create our upper existence and his universe being unknown to him and it goes infinity.


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