Evils of the world

a person living an evil lifestyle will never be happy nor can he come in the state of happiness or his happiness gradually decrease. Which are the evils that are threat to human nature? they are all the sons and daughters of ego and pleasures. Its mainly the product of unhealthy mind. Unhealthy body makes unhealthy mind. And unhealthy mind makes unhappy person

1. Lust:- Its the pleasure of sensing opposite sex  You don’t care for the person, There is no emotions or love attached, you are doing it for your own selfish reasons, its addictive and the person is treated like an object. Negative conduct like manipulation, cheat, lie, mistreat for getting it. there may be feeling of guilt attached after it.  Sex with love on contrary is divine, heaven, peace and happy.

2. Greed:- Wanting more is a state of greediness. Its the pleasure of having more. There will always be something or little more that you wont have at any state of your possessions and if you are always looking for that you don’t have, how can you be peace with the present. it shows lack of love with the present.

3. Pride and jealousy:- its feeling pleasure at being or possessing or getting better than others. You don’t do things for the love of doing it or for the happiness you get in doing things. You do it for looking or owning or doing or getting better. it gives momentary pleasure but nothing compared to happiness of doing what you love. it instantly disconnects the connection with other people. its again selfish. Jealousy happens when the pride is not satisfied.

4. Laziness, lethargy, restlessness and inactivity:- its the pleasure of comfort

5. Pleasure attachments and over consumption:- there is pleasure attached to every naturally necessary things like reproduction, eating etc. So when you are so obsessed with pleasure, the very purpose of the act is killed, you feel pain when not got and when got, you over consume and it cause harm. eating more than necessary has it’s own harm. attachment causes pain when it is not fulfilled and hence its a bondage and not in peace.

6. possessiveness and selfishness:- there is a friction in giving what you hold or wanting to possess whatever you like. it gives misery whatever is taken or not given. This body itself is not you and bound to perish, why worry about possessing, when joy can be felt even without possessing. it kills love when you desire for the possession of the loved ones. There is no need for possession to love. possessiveness makes you selfish.

7. Shyness:- Expression and connection is the language of love and expressing makes a person joyful and happy and what Shyness do is it kills expressions. its being obsessed with what other people will think. its again the side effects of pride. Working on not being shy in itself will fill life with joy.

8. Fear & Lack of Confidence:-

9. Ignorant, dull and narrow mind.

10. guilt and self pity.

11. hurting others.

12. Anger

13. hatred, enimity and discrimination.

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