You cannot control or dictate persons judgements towards you. Judgements are made by most as it is a natural tendency of an ego which makes them think yourself to be better or less than them. So if someones judgement towards yourself has built up to be bad towards you, their behavour towards you will not be of a kind. So by argueing or fighting back you cannot change the judgments in their mind. even if you fight back, it will be there and again their behavour will not be good. So if someones behaves the way it hurts you, fighting will not change anything. At such times be glad that you came to know about what does that person thinks about you and be aware of the fact and dont waste any of your time and energy towards such person in future.

what to keep in mind.

1. if a persons judgements towards you is not good or he/she doesn’t regard you a respectable person, then he/she will behave in a way that will hurt you. They might laugh if some one says bad about you. They will say bad about you. At your small mistake, they will dictate you, they will react angrily. They Blame you.

2. people can make judgments at anything like status, appearance, So you don’t have to start thinking that something is wrong with you. Ignorance can make a person develop ego over useless things like status, appearance which is not at all important for good life. Wrong is with the people and not you

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