Who really am i?

I am writing what little i remember of a realization that i had about myself. I was in the realization that i am not even my body. What will i be once this body stops. What will be my existence when i will not even be my body. The existence that i am presently feeling in this world, what will happen to it once the body will cease to function. That time just left me in the realization that I am not even my body and what will i really be or what will be my existence once this body is not there.

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    1. i came across this site will browsing from infosys bulletin board. i read some stuff and looks like you have thought on many deep aspects of life..great thinker.

      Just thought of sharing i and millions got answer to who am i – http://www.dadabhagwan.org/scientific-solutions/spiritual-science/who-am-i-realize-your-true-self/

      the gnan is free…as priceless gifts like air we breath is freely gifted to us by nature.

      you may read my experience in http://www.dadabhagwan.org/gnan-vidhi-knowledge-of-self/why-should-i-take-gnan/

      happy realization 🙂


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