Something to think about

How does the matter came into existence we touch and we are made up of; and how does the space came into existence we live and the matter exist. Its hard to think matter in space without taking into consideration time. Who created the matter we touch daily and who created the space we move in. its not only us, there is lot more going in this whole existence beyond our knowledge. How the whole matter in the universe would have been created. Nothing can come out of nothing, if that’s what we believe logically true than how at the very first matter would have been created. If we go to the time very before when the matter was created how it would have come into existence. What is there to the infinite outside everything we know. For something to exist it has to contain within something and for that container to exist, it in turn has to contain within something and hence logically every existence in itself reaffirms infinite existence. Living in this egoistic world, we often get lost in this manly world of pleasure, materialism, pride. etc and could never think of all these. We are surrounded by very heavy mysteries and even we don’t realize getting lost in pleasure, pride and materials. When you will get rid of pleasure, pride and material; you will start questioning. There is more to us, our universe, a very big mystery. Thinking of all such things makes me fearful. For something to exist, creation is necessary and for creation, its creator and this holds true even for the existence of the creator. Kill our ego and pride by remembering our death that will come. Kill our pleasure and materialism by remembering its end that will come. This is how we can handle ego and pleasures to increase beyond its required level.

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