Ego and Love

Ego is pride, love is confidence;

Ego is jealousy, love is inspiration;

Ego is complaining, love is appreciation;

Ego is about Greed, Love is about satisfaction;

Ego is possessing, Love is Giving;

Ego is Lust, Love is Giving love;

Ego is shyness, Love is expressions;

Ego is ignorant, Love is knowledge;

Ego is about Levels & Discrimination, Love is about equality;

Ego is about fear, Love is about courage;

Ego is about guilt & self pity, Love is about change;

Ego is about self, Love is about all;

Ego is ignorant and dull, love is intelligence and smart;

Ego is about Anger, Love is about happiness;

Ego is about hate, Love is about love;

Ego is about misery, Love is about peace;









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