Ego and Love

Ego is pride, love is confidence;

Ego is jealousy, love is inspiration;

Ego is complaining, love is appreciation;

Ego is about Greed, Love is about satisfaction;

Ego is possessing, Love is Giving;

Ego is Lust, Love is Giving love;

Ego is shyness, Love is expressions;

Ego is ignorant, Love is knowledge;

Ego is about Levels & Discrimination, Love is about equality;

Ego is about fear, Love is about courage;

Ego is about guilt & self pity, Love is about change;

Ego is about self, Love is about all;

Ego is ignorant and dull, love is intelligence and smart;

Ego is about Anger, Love is about happiness;

Ego is about hate, Love is about love;

Ego is about misery, Love is about peace;









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    Focus on doing instead of how to

    instead of doing we spend more time on how, how much time, whether i will be able to, how good i will be able to do, will i be rewarded for this. etc and less spend time on instead doing it. this is our ego mind, it constantly compares ourselves with others. this ego kill the fun in doing it. when we are in the state of love, we enjoy doing everything, it is because we have less ego in that state. having fun and joy doing things is the key. we should have fun in the process rather than in the results. so whats the solution, if we become aware of our thoughts we can guide our thoughts. if all those type of thoughts comes, you can give less importance to it and dont act on it instead focus on your current activity. second is to uproot it from the root, that is to bring love in you, if you do act of kindness or if you dont act on act of unkindness, Share, then love can come in you. or if you do some ego breaking process, then too you can come directly in the state of awareness

    written on friday 25th may 2010 , 12:35 pm by Parth Choksi

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