Feel love – learn to live

Solve problems and start living through feeling love:-

Come in the state of love and joy and all problems gets solved. All problem lies in being egoistic. Ego is uprooted when you are in love. Awake the state of love and in this state, there are no problems and life becomes the way it should be. In the state of love, you will live life the way it should be. You are in complete harmony with yourself. You start doing and living the real life. You do, what you should be doing, which will be your purpose of life. You feel complete and good, when you are in a state of love. When you feel love ego just disappears. When you are in love even healing of body and mind takes place and everything manifests, what you want and the whole nature comes in sync with your desires because every elements were made of love. When you are in love, you automatically start doing, what you should be and like doing. Feeling and being in the state of love can solve your problems

Love guides your life and to be in love is your only job and duty

Our basic goal of life is to do what we want and get what we want and this wanting towards doing and getting is felt from the source of love inside us.

Feel love

  1. Think to feel love.

Think these feel love phrases

a. you can do what you want to do

b. you can get what you want to get

c. all your wants can be fulfilled

d. yes you can and you must

  1. Serve to feel love.

a. gift, give, donate

b. help others and do good to others.

c. praise others

d. motivate and inspire others

  1. Get inspired to feel love.

a. get inspired from others who have done extraordinary things in spite                            failing and all drawbacks and hindrance and chose your role models

b. read or listen or watch to self help, inspirational, motivational text or audios or videos material.

  1. Awareness to feel love. (good body, good mind, good life; it helps being connected with love)

a. good concentration

1. read, work, study, do logic and mathematics

2. pain-  to activate the alertness, awareness and concentration in you. Just start bathing with cold water and leave your comforts behind.

3. good health and fitness.

3a. do exercise -very important in feeling good and living good

3b. eat healthy.

4. avoid pleasures- do pleasures only for its purpose because too much of pleasure would be just harmful to you.

  1. Do great to feel love

a. great is the synonym of work that you love and which stricks your imagination about doing it.

Do good and do great.


  1. feeling the love from someone also induces love in yourself. positive self belief also induces love in yourself. with time ego takes over to develop negative self belief which can make life miserable. being in love with someone also brings the love in your life which wants to change ourselves, live a good life.


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