Three states of living

Lustful:- it is the state of pleasure and negative emotions, it is a state which works between body and mind. There is little long term attachment and action is done only for the sake of pleasure. Its obsessive. Its taking state.

Loving:- it works between mind and heart. There is an easy acceptance of pleasure but pleasure is of no much importance. there is a kind of long term attachment in that state. You just do it for the love of it and you may not find to fulfill purpose in the action or see if it is good. Its not obsessive. It has a feel good factor. Its give and take. 

Meaningful:- it works between heart and the soul. You do loving things that fulfills some purpose and which is good. It is the state of utmost bliss.  Its giving state.

The goal should be to move from lust to love & from love to meaning. 

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