Nutritious Recipe of Winter Fresh Veggies in Mac n Cheese.


 With the start of the winter, plenty of fresh vegetables flood the market. Selecting some of the nutritional ones like carrots, spinach and mushrooms, and combining with milk, cheese & pasta; this dish makes a complete meal. Best paired with Garlic bread, here is the recipe.


Yields: 4; Cooking Time: 30 min.

Butter 2 Tbsp; All Purpose Flour 2 Tbsp; Full Cream Milk 2 Cups; Macaroni Pasta 400 gms; Pasta Stock 1 cup; Italian Mix Herbs 1 tsp; Oregano dried 1 tsp; Chilli Flakes 1 tsp; Sugar 2 tsp; Salt & Pepper to taste; Cheese 100 gms; Carrot 1 medium; Spinach Handful; Mushrooms Handful.



Boil Macaroni in water salted just enough to taste salty with a bit of oil in it. Wash Veggies; cut mushrooms and spinach while slice-shredding carrot.


Once pastas has been boiled to the bite, Drain while reserving a cup of Pasta Stock. Heat Butter in a pan; Mix all purpose flour and heat till light brown. Add milk gradually while mixing it. Heat till it thickens.


Add Veggies, Pasta Stock, all herbs and seasoning while bringing it to boil. Cook for a while before adding Cheese and Macaroni. Turn off the stove once Macaroni is Heated.


Serve and if required garnish with spinach, carrot shreds & Olive Oil.



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